Gorilla Lawfair Book Set 1631PB

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1631PB Gorilla Lawfair 2 Volume set
  • Gorilla Lawfair
  • Gorilla Lawfair
  • Gorilla Lawfair
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2 Books for 1 Price !

Volume 1 

Get legal insight with Gorilla Lawfair. Information on Motions, Letters, Interviews, Arrest, Appeals, Claims, and much more is all here in this book. This information is like having your own mini-law library! 

Volume 2 

Anpu Unnefer Amen also shows how Christianity evolved from the ancient teachings of Nubia, and how the parallels of the life of Jesus the Christ and Heru the son of Auset (Isis) are too similar to be a coincidence. The Meaning of Hotep is sure to captivate anyone interested in learning about the Nubian teachings and their application from what Anpu Unnefer Amen has named a "Nubiancentered" perspective.

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