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Angelica "Storm" Hill, a vicious young woman that loves the thrill of living on the edge. She knows just how to get what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.   At a young age Storm learned the power of manipulation and mastered it. Growing up with men telling her how beautiful she is, she's sure she could have the world served to her on a silver platter; but she doesn't see the beauty in herself, so she never allows herself to get caught up. . Although she has the perfect sponsor to give her all she desires she still finds herself in the trenches. Storm gets dirty for hers because of the addiction to the rush. At the height of her success her violent streak catches up with her and she finds herself on the run from the law. There is no limit to what she's willing to do to retain her freedom.   Heartless is a tale of a young woman too caught up in the allure of the game to see the beauty of the illustrious life she has at her fingertips. Walk with the Don of Urban Fiction as he takes you through an odyssey of the streets that only he can.

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