Organized Game Step by Step guide Mashin and Smashin 1774PB

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1774PB Organized Game Step by Step guide Mashin and Smashin
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I’m proud to present to you this advance summary of "organized game."The book could in fact be one of the most highly anticipated books to drop this year. The book is a must read. Guaranteed you have never read anything like it before. Everything a person wonder about pimpin but was ashamed or afraid to ask. Without a doubt the best and most comprehensive book ever published on the game. This is the first complete step by step guide. why
Step 1 which is chapter one will explain why it’s so important why you should prefer to get paid not laid.
Chapter 2 explains in an extraordinary way how a pimp goes in pursuit of a prostitute.
Chapter 3 brakes down the fundamentals in turning a hoe out into the game.
Chapter 4 you will learn how to run a willing and able stable of top notch hoes.
Chapter 5 you will learn how to teach your girls the art of dealing with tricks.
Chapter 6 will lace you up with the track guidelines for your girls to follow in or out of town.
Chapter 7 would be basically touching on money expectations.
Chapter 8 is what I call open game it’s where I explain the ups and downs smiles frowns in the game.
Chapter 9 is called chopping it up where I just free style game and exposes the lames.
Chapter 10 is where I fully explain why conversation runs the nation. You will learn how to peep game and use what you hear from a hoe to your advantage

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