The Legend of Johnny Hustle Book Set (2 Books)

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The legend Of Johnny Hustle Book Set WEX065
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  • The Legend of Johnny Hustle Book Set (2 Books)
  • The Legend of Johnny Hustle Book Set (2 Books)
  • The Legend of Johnny Hustle Book Set (2 Books)
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2 Books for 1 Price !

Part 1 

When you meet a legendary hustler, you might be of the mind that he was born with the coveted gift or it has been bequeathed to him. However, finding out how Johnny Hustle ascended to his throne is shared in Zach Tate’s “The Legend of Johnny Hustle: The Come Up.”

John, as he was known back in the day, had a regular 9 to 5, lived paycheck to paycheck and tried his best to keep his girlfriend satisfied. Unfortunately it did not seem to be enough. Not ever, and meeting Brave Dave would be the day to change his life forever.

Learning the game was no crystal stair; mistakes were made and hearts were changed, but Johnny Hustle was on the come up and nothing was going to make him go back to the life he used to know. 


Part 2

What’s a hustler to do when his reputation is on the line and the challenge he has to prove that he is indeed king among hustlers is harder than anything he’s ever had to do? Challenge the current king to take his crown!

Taking the game of “one-up” to a whole other level, Johnny Hustle and his nemesis, Russ had to go at it or go home. Fear and doubt had no place in the game, both parties had to be willing to take it all the way to the crown. It did not mean that life did not continue to happen for Johnny, but being crowned king and having what it takes to stay on top was no easy feat.

When it is all said and done, will Johnny Hustle have what it takes to wear the sought after crown, or will he have to go home after all.

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