Trap House BY Sa'id Salaam 1513PB

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1513PB Trap House by Sa'id
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Trap House by Sa'id Salaam is here!

Trap House is an unflinching account of the goings on of an Atlanta drug den and the lives of those who frequent it. Its cast of characters include the Notorious P.I.G., the proprietor of the house, who uses his power to satisfy his licentious fetishes. Of his customers, there's Wanda, an exotic dancer who loathes P.I.G., but only tolerates him because he has the best dope in town. Wanda's boyfriend Mike is the owner of an upscale strip club, as well as a full time pimp.

Tiffany and Marcus are the teenage couple who began frequenting the Trap House after snorting a few lines at a party. Can their love for each other withstand the demands of their fledging addiction, or will it tear them apart?
P.I.G.'s wife Blast, doorman Earl and a host of other colorful characters round out the inhabitants of the Trap House

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